Looking for a Dual Trade Apprentice?

NCA has the industry’s first dual trade apprentices!

Recently developed in South Australia in conjunction with the state training authority, Training and Skills Commission (TASC) and the Construction Mining and Energy (CME) Industry Skills Council, this new apprenticeship will see the training of electrical and refrigeration and air conditioning (RAC) delivered concurrently, which will result in a multi-skilled technician able to perform the full scope of work of both disciplines.

The qualification has been in the works for almost a decade and is intended to better align the apprentices learning and skills development with the on-job experience. The dual trade pathway, which is not widely used in Australia and with a unique delivery model, would address demand for broader skills sets in the industry providing greater efficiencies and productivity for industry.

To develop the program, RAC and Electrical subject matter experts from both private and government South Australian RTOs mapped out the units from both qualifications, identifying those that overlapped, and then organised others into a single program, which runs for a nominal 1,540 hours, compared to the usual 1,060 hours for a single-trade qualification.

Here’s what you need to know about the new Dual Trade Apprenticeship

  • Apprentices will complete a Certificate III in Electrotechnology Electrician (UEE30811)
  • Apprentices will also complete a Certificate III in Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (UEE32211)
  • These qualifications will run concurrently with the training delivery organised into a single program
  • The completion of the Apprenticeship will result in the Electrical Refrigeration Air Conditioning Technician being fully licensed in both trades
  • The apprenticeship runs for five years
  • A pilot program is now underway
  • Apprentices are recruited and employed by NECA Careers and Apprenticeships (NCA) and hosted out to various electrical and refrigeration companies across the five years
  • A single profiling database has been created specifically for this new apprenticeship.
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NECA Careers & Apprenticeships Provide:

✓ Advertising

✓ Recruitment

✓ Interviews & Selection

✓ Medicals

✓ Record Keeping & Payroll Administration

✓ On-going Mentoring & Support

✓ Monitoring of Training Progress

✓ A Flexible Workforce For You!

NCA Dual Apprenticeship Elecrical Refrigeration

Why Become a Host Employer with NCA?

NCA makes having an apprentice easy!

Dedicated to the electrotechnology industry, NECA Careers & Apprenticeship (NCA) is committed to meeting the needs of the industry in providing the right people to fulfil the skills needs of today and for the future. We provide a quality, flexible and cost effective service that collaborates with industry to train and advance the skills of our industry sectors.

NCA Apprentices will be taken through a complete Induction process, including WHS training, and supplied with their own uniform, tools and PPE. A dedicated Field Officer will support and assist your company, as well as mentoring and monitoring your Apprentice and their progress.

NCA Host Employers simply pay a fixed charge out rate for their Apprentice – no hassles or risks for you or your business.

Plus, NECA SA/NT members receive a discounted rate!

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By becoming a Host Employer with NCA you take on all the benefits of an Apprentice, without all the added costs, responsibility and risks.

How to Become a Host Employer

Registration is Easy

To become a Host Employer, your business must be a safe and supportive environment for Apprentices. Host Employers must be able to provide Apprentices with appropriate supervision and training.

To become a Host Employer with NCA, simply complete the Registration of Interest form.

Become a Host Employer

NCA’s Charge Out Rates Include:

  • Annual Leave Days
  • Sick Days
  • Public Holidays
  • Off-The-Job Training
  • Registered Training Organisation (RTO) Fees
  • Superannuation
  • Workers Compensation
  • Medicals Including Colour Blindness Test
  • Uniforms, Tools & PPE
  • Payroll, Administration & All Paperwork

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