How to become a Host Employer with NCA

Everything you need to know

To become a Host Employer, your business must be a safe and supportive environment for Apprentices. Host Employers must be able to provide Apprentices with appropriate supervision and training.

To become a Host Employer with NCA, simply visit our website and complete the Host Employer Application Form, or simply give us a call.

Hosting an Apprentice

It’s simple!

Once you are registered as a Host Employer with NCA, all you need to do is call us to arrange taking on an Apprentice. To ensure proper training for the Apprentice, a minimum allocation of three months applies. After the three months, two weeks’ notice is all that is required to return an Apprentice if your circumstances have changed.

NECA Careers and Apprenticeships Field Officers will visit the Apprentice at your place of business or onsite. The Field Officer will monitor their work experience to ensure the Apprentice is getting the full variety of skills required for their trade.

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