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Dedicated to the electro-technology industry, NECA Careers & Apprenticeship (NCA) is committed to meeting the needs of that industry in providing the right people to fulfil the skills needs of today and for the future. This will be achieved by providing a quality, flexible and cost effective service that works collaboratively with industry to train and advance the skills of our industry sectors.

NCA Apprentices will be taken through a complete Induction process, including WHS training, and supplied with their own uniform and PPE. A dedicated Field Officer will support and assist your company, as well as mentor and monitor your Apprentice and their progress.

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As a Host Employer, you can take on an Apprentice anywhere from 3 months to 4 years. If your circumstances change, or you aren’t satisfied, you can simply contact NCA to organise to return the Apprentice to us.

NCA Host Employers simply pay a fixed charge out rate for their Apprentice – no hassles or risks for you or your business.

Plus, NECA SA/NT members receive discounted rates on Apprentices!

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